Annual Economic Forecast Breakfast

BEDC presents an annual Economic Forecast Breakfast, featuring a National Chief Economists from Canada's largest financial institutions to provide Burlington's Business Community  with the most up-to-date financial information and resources to navigate their business through the changing economy.


2014 Economic Forecast Breakfast                                                  


























"After five years of uncertainty in the marketplace, it’s a relief to see a return to growth. But this new growth cycle is far from typical. Instead of a credit expansion, it’s spurring a contraction of liquidity. As the global economy ramps up, federal bond-purchase programs are being rolled back, tightening credit conditions in key corners of the world. Does this mean growth will shift once again to the big, developed economies, or will global diversification of trade lead the way? Are higher-risk, capital-hungry business ventures in jeopardy, or will they proceed? And are we headed for interest-rate and currency volatility? Discover the answers to these questions and more in these informative Let’s Talk Trade presentations.

Mark your calendar and register now to join Peter Hall, Vice-President and Chief Economist at Export Development Canada (EDC), as he shares his insight on the current global economy."


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